New Basket Weave Tip for 5-17.
  • All In One Tip Kit


    All of the OTDefense tips in one package! Updated on 4-24-17! Great for those who already have a wood burner and want to get every option to put on their guns and accessories. 

    Includes one of each of the following in a small plastic box, with a secure lid. 

    20LPI Waffle, in a micro vial                

    20LPI Finish Tip, in a micro vial.                 

    20LPI Square, in a micro vial. 

    16LPI Waffle                                                        

    16LPI Square                                             

    12LPI Waffle





    Wagon Wheel                                               

    Small Round

    Large Round                                                            

    X Tip.                                                         

    Point Tip. 

    Basket Weave Tip. 

    This product will be changing every time we add new tips to the lineup.

    These are quality tips, 100% made in the U.S.A.