New Basket Weave Tip for 5-17.
  • 20LPI Waffle Tip


    Made in the U.S.A! The OTD Waffle Tip (also known as a checker tip) is the first dedicated firearm and accessory tip that allows you to put multiple textures and designs on your firearms, magazines, and other polymer/plastic firearm accessories. Why put one tiny dimple at a time when you can put a 1/4" of texture on at a time? 

    The deeply cut pyramids shaped teeth allow you to get a very light texture when gently pressed, to a 'combat' texture when pushed in a hair further. Also allows a striated pattern to be made when dragging the teeth across a surface. 

    Light pattern is a 5-6 on the OTD Grip Index
    Heavy pattern is a 8-10 on the OTD Grip Index

     Recommended for use in a U.S.A manufactured 25 watt Wall Lenk wood burner. 25 Watt Wall Lenk is UL listed and available from OTDefense. Though if you don't already have a woodburner and you don't care about supporting hard-working Americans it will also fit in Chinese made Weller and Walnut Hollow woodburners or any with 8-32 threads.
    You can also support the Chinese directly here: Click here