New Basket Weave Tip for 5-17.

Holster Types and Fit
The Nub Mod will NOT work with the Safariland ALS Guard.  

The Nub Mod will not work with the older style ALS holsters that have the 'step' into the holster body without a fair amount of work. 

Level I Users:

You will be able to run either the ALS Nub Mod or the SLS Nub Mod on your holster.  For tactical rigs or duty belts, the ALS is recommended. For carry use with an ALS holster, or for those with a large girth, the SLS Nub Mod may be more comfortable against the body. Install video below.

Level III Users:

You will need to use the SLS Nub Mod.  Install video below. 

1911 Users:  

We have a 1911 Nub Mod that is compatible with Level I 1911 Holsters only. A 1911 Level III Nub is not feasible.

Nub Mod Info Page

ALS Nub Mod step by step Install

SLS Nub Mod step by step Install

Common Sense Warning:
If you are worried about someone taking your gun from you this would make that easier. Obviously anything that makes it easier for you will make it easier for your enemy.  If you simply want to keep your gun in your holster while doing whatever it is you do,  and still be able to get it out fast without going through multiple levels of retention, the ALS only and Nub Mod are probably just what you are after.  You are responsible to check with your department before modifying your duty holster.