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ALS Nub Mod

"The ALS holster is probably at the apex of retention holsters on the current market. It's one weakness however is the factory button is sometimes difficult to engage reliably under stress. I use ALS holsters for 3 gun competition where speed is important, but being able to secure my handgun during vigorous movement is equally important. OT Defense's Nub Mod makes consistent sub second draws a possibility with the ALS holsters. So with the nub mod I get the security of a retention holster and the draw speed of a traditional passive retention holster with no compromises. Great product and great customer service."                 

"Ordered the Nub device for my Safariland ALS paddle holster just recently. Wow! I cannot say enough for this item, has completely changed my holster to one that is super fast to get out of the holster. Worth EVERY penny, and then some! I spent 34 years on the the cop job and carried my duty pistol in a Safariland ALS holster. I wish that the Nub was around when I was on the road, I think that I would've bought them for my entire squad! Awesome addition to an already good holster. If you are serious about your equipment, you'll get this.
Det/Lieutenant Robert S. (Ret.), New Jersey."
"I recently switched to an ALS holster for 3 gun competition. My draw went from a consistent sub .9 to a 1.3 with about a 20% complete shit show rate. In frustration, I started looking for a solution and found this thing. The price seemed a little hard to swallow, but something had to give, so I ordered it.  It took about 30 seconds to install it, and then I did around 50 draws to test it out. My draw went right back to a .9 and I didn't get snagged a single time. So, if you want to shave nearly a half second off your draw and not get your pistol snagged at the worst possible time, then you should absolutely but the Nub."
"It made my draw even faster and more consistent. In the past I would miss the button on occasion. This product fixed that issue."

The ALS was already a great design to begin with BUT now even with gloves, cold hands, or just normal conditions, drawing is vastly easier without compromising the slightest bit of retention or safety. I expected the piece to be functional but did not expect to see the pieces fit as well together as they do. This thing is a tank. Hands down the single best upgrade i've made to the way I carry a gun yet.
"ALS holsters are great already but you add the Nub Mod and it makes the holster even better. The fit and finish of the Nub are flawless and the function even better. The draw and release were already pretty good with the ALS, but I've found it possible to fumble around when trying to draw my weapon especially when concealing under multiple layers of clothing. The Nub solves that problem and makes the draw faster and it's impossible not to find your thumb on the button in any position. I also was able to speak with Micah when I ordered and can say OTDefense is a class business, order with confidence. Not sure why Safariland does not partner with them to use this simple but great idea. Keep up the good work and Thanks!"     
"Nub mod is a new and ingenious product. The pronounced and tactical release button it provides to the ALS holster is exceptional. So far this product has given me a natural and faster draw. The original retention use of the holster wasn't compromised. I'm looking forward to running it in my next IDPA match. I have been running different drills with it and I'm yet to find a flaw. The nub mod is quite impressive and will recommend it every time!"
"Fits and works just as advertised; I just ordered another."
"If you use an ALS holster, this product is a must have! It will improve your speed. It may seem pricey, but remember, this is not plastic or polymer. If you try this nub on your holster, you will be sold and want it on all your ALS holster!"

"Let me preface this review with my background. I am a competitive shooter. I shoot IDPA, USPSA and 3 gun competition. I am a career firefighter paramedic, and have been a swat medic on a large interagency swat team. I expend 3-4k rounds per year out of my handguns. I have three of these on my ALS holsters. They make the best, and quite frankly safest holster on the market even better. The release is even more intuitive, and faster than before, and from my perspective, a more natural movement. I have nub mods on both of my 9mm M&P ALS holsters, as well as my M&P 45 drop leg. I will be purchasing nub mods for my 1911 ALS as well. This is a great product, making from my perspective, the best holster on the market even better. Buy a NUB MOD, you will not regret it!"

SLS Nub Mod
"I'm a police officer for a city in the heart of the oil boom (less of a boom now) in North Dakota. Bought the original nub for a Safariland off duty holster and loved it so much I bought one for my 7360 duty holster as soon as they were available. I've noticed a fairly big difference in drawing my duty gun (a Glock 41) the nub makes it much smoother if not faster (we all know smooth is fast). Theres no way to foul up the draw with the nub.
Installation was fast and easy with my 7360, no modification or washer was necessary. The hood operated normally. Only thing I might add is a little blue loc tight to the screw to make sure it doesn't work loose, especially with a duty holster. "